Tips to Prevent Your Dog from Heat in the Summer Season

Dogs are generally active and playful. However, the hot summer heat can affect your canine friend, causing dehydration and even heat stroke. The good news is that with careful planning and preparation, you can help your pup beat the heat and make sure they remain healthy and happy. Can a Dog eat Supplement?

1. Use Damp Towels for Easy Cooling

Wondering how to keep your dog cool in the summer season? Offer them a damp towel to lay on when you notice the temperature rising. Lying down on a damp towel can help bring down the body temperature. Dogs also love playing with ice packs, especially when it’s hot, so offer them an ice pack. It will make their day!

2. Add Ice Cubes to the Water Dish

Everyone enjoys drinking cold water on hot days – including your pup. So, add some ice cubes to the water dish. This will also encourage your pet to consume more water, reducing the chance of dehydration.

3. Turn Up the Fun with a Waddling Pool

Turn up the fun and turn down the heat with a waddling pool. Dogs love to swim and splash around in the water. So, surprise your canine friend with a shallow pool filled with cold water.

4. Get Paw Protection for Your Dogs   

Walking around on the hot ground or pavements can be pretty uncomfortable for your dog. An easy solution is to get your pet paw protection. Various options are available in the market, so you can evaluate the pros and cons and pick one!

5. Try Homemade Frozen Treats

There’s no season for tasty rewards – dogs love treats all year round. However, summer treats can double as a fun way of keeping your dog cool in the heat. You can make healthy frozen treats at home. For example, you can blend blueberry, strawberry, and peanut butter, freeze them in silicone molds and voila! A yummy treat for your pup will be ready!

Summertime can be a lot of fun for you and your pet. Now that you know how to keep your dog cool in the summer, you can enjoy the sun with your canine friend without worrying about heatstroke. If you liked this article, check out our to get more tips and tricks on how to keep your dog happy and healthy.

How to Keep Your Pet’s Joints Healthy

Osteoarthritis and other joint problems in dogs can lead to stiff and swollen joints and loss of mobility. This makes it important to learn how to keep your pet’s joints healthy.      

How to Keep Your Pet’s Joints Healthy

Here are some tips on how to keep your pet’s joints healthy.

1. Exercise is Essential

The importance of daily exercise cannot be emphasized enough. Make sure your pup gets enough exercise every day. Take them out for walks and consider swimming or hydrotherapy for older dogs. Your pet will love you for it!

2. Mind the Diet

Diet plays a vital role in determining the overall health of your canine friend, including joint health. So, make sure you choose premium-quality pet food for your pup. You can also consider bones and joint nourishing supplements. However, it is best to consult a vet before trying any supplement.    

3. Keep Your Pup’s Weight in Check

Excessive weight can put a strain on your pet’s joints, leading to swelling and other health conditions. It is also harmful to the overall health of your pup. So, make sure your dog eats a balanced diet and gets plenty of exercise to keep their weight in check.  

4. Check the Home Environment

Change the home environment to make it more comfortable for your pup and relieve tension. For instance, you can install steps or ramps around the house to keep them from jumping high, provide soft bedding or memory foam, lay rugs and carpet, etc.  

Wear and tear of joints occurs daily and the ageing process can take a toll on your pup’s joints. Without proper care, your adult dog may suffer from very severe issues.

Now that you know how to keep your pet’s joints healthy, you can ensure your canine buddy stays strong, happy, and healthy.

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Grooming Your Pets at Home

Pet grooming activities can double as great bonding time for pet parents and their lovely pets. When done correctly, how to supplement dog food can strengthen the bond you share with your pets. Plus, grooming is essential to ensure your pets enjoy optimal health. It helps your furry companion stay comfortable and will help you spot any health concerns.

Grooming Pets at Home in 5 Steps

Grooming pets at home is easier than you may have imagined. Unless you want a professional cut, you can groom your pets yourself from the comfort of your home. Here’s how.

1. Brush the Coat

Regular brushing removes dirt, debris, and dead hair from the fur. It is also essential to prevent mats and tangles. It is advisable to consult a vet to find out the exact brushing needs of your pet and use a special comb or brush to keep from pulling the fur.  

2. Trim those Nails

Trim the nails when your pet is relaxed. Be extra careful not to cut the quick, which is the pink area of the nail. It contains nerves and blood vessels and cutting it can cause pain and discomfort.  

3. Bathe Your Pet

Most pets are not a great fan of baths. However, with yummy treats and loads of patience, it is possible to turn bath time into a fun activity. It is best to use lukewarm water and pet shampoo to ensure your pet remains comfortable. Be careful to avoid splashing the face of your pet as that will get them agitated.   

4. Teeth Brushing

Dental health is important! However, it can take a long time to get your pets to warm up to teeth brushing. So, take baby steps – let your furry friends get accustomed to the smell of the toothpaste before you brush their teeth. Also, always use pet toothpaste.  

5. Don’t Forget to Check the Ears

Finally, don’t forget to check their ears. If you see any wax, wipe it gently with a damp cotton ball. However, never put a cotton swab in your pet’s ear as it can lead to injury.  

When done correctly, grooming pets at home can be an enjoyable activity. It can help you strengthen your bond with your pet and keep them healthy and comfortable. For more pet care tips, visit our  

How to Adopt a Dog – Dos and Don’ts

There is nothing more exciting than welcoming a new pup into your house! But just like humans, dogs have different personalities and different experiences with people. Therefore, the adoption experience may vary from pet to pet. Learn how to supplement dog food with raw the right way!

Dos and Don’ts of Adopting a Dog

Here are some basic tips on how to adopt a dog that will help you welcome the new pup in the family and build a strong bond in no time!   


  • Research the Dog: Before you adopt a dog, be a hundred percent sure that you can look after them. Learn everything about them, including their health, grooming, dietary, and exercise needs.
  • Dog-Proof the Area: It is a good idea to dog-proof the house before bringing in a new pup. This is important because dogs love to explore. Once they are comfortable, you can expect them to check out every nook and cranny. So, make sure the space is safe for them.  
  • Follow a Schedule: Dogs enjoy having a routine, which is why it is a good idea to follow a schedule from the very first day. Start the schedule of feeding, toilet training, and playtime from day one,  
  • Let them Settle In: Moving can be stressful for dogs. So, make sure you give your pet as much time as they need to settle in. It is best to remain calm and quiet for the first few days around your dog.  


  • Don’t Stare for Too Long: Avoid establishing eye contact for too long. An unfamiliar dog may consider it as a challenge to fight.
  • Don’t Leave Puppies Unattended for Long: Leaving a puppy alone at home for a long period can lead to distress. It is best to avoid adopting a young puppy if you have a very busy schedule.    
  • Don’t Miss Out on the Vet’s Appointment: Your dog’s health should be your number one priority. Never miss out on an appointment to the vets. This is especially important for new pups!   

Now that you know how to adopt a dog, you can welcome your new furry friend into the family. If you find these tips helpful, visit our to learn more about pets’ health and wellness.